Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Hulda Crooks Park - Loma Linda, CA

Jedi 4-19-09 007 hdr_2

This trail is best known as "Jedi", although there are many variations you can take, ranging from single track, to gap jumps, to fire road. The simplest ride is an out-and-back (up and down Jedi), which is 3-4 miles in length. Watch out for hikers/runners, the occasional dirtbiker, and
(hopefully least frequently) rattlesnakes.

Directions to Hulda Crooks Park:

-"Return of the Jedi" and descent of lower Jedi
-"JackRabbbit", "Snail Trail", and descent of Jedi
-"Time Lapse" Video of the Jedi climb (just so you can get a taste of what the trail is like)

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