Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park is located in Corona, off the 91/71 freeways. This was my first time there, and I decided to enter from the Soquel Canyon entrance.

Apparently, there was a massive fire in November 2008 that really took its toll on the park, so a lot of the trails are still closed. The two different single tracks that we rode seemed like they had not been ridden in ages (either that or I just took trails that everyone knows not to ride!) because they were overgrown with head-high weeds on both sides. Portions of the trail were, to be honest, absolutely ridiculous and I found myself walking the bike through, to avoid the onslaught of weeds to my face!

Overall, it seems like a great place to ride, as it is very well mapped out and there are maps available at the entrance. $4 for day use. Park is open 8AM to SUNSET. They are apparently very strict about this, as our ride went late and we got to the gate after dark. The ranger was there, ready to give me a ticket! After taking my license, he showed us mercy and let us go with only a warning.

Get there early, pay the fee, grab a map for each rider, and have fun. It appears as though most of the single track trails are connected by fire roads.

We rode a very short loop, as it was getting late by the time we got there. Aliso Canyon Trail to Faultline trail to Ranger Ridge trail.

I'll post a few pics and a short view of the weed-fest!

This picture was taken from a break in the weed-ravaged single track named "Faultline Trail". This view is looking south toward Water Canyon.

Another shot from the weeds!

Out of the weeds of the faultline trail, riding down the fire road

Video of the Weed-Fest:

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  1. They close this park for long periods after even the smallest rainfall. I went one sunny spring day to find the Soquel Canyon entrance locked. Thinking I could park on the pavement and ride past the gate, a ranger was waiting just past the gate and threatened with giving me a ticket if I didn't immediately turn around and leave. Make sure you keep this in mind before you make the trip to this fun park.


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