Loch Leven to Lower SART

The first 5-6 miles is a climb up the old highway 38, which is where we saw this little guy!  This section is part fireroad, part semi-paved road.  What it is NOT is downhill!  You will log almost 2000 feet of climbing before you get to Angelus Oaks.

If you have ever tackled the SART, you will recognize the 'downtown' of Angelus Oaks.  This is right outside the general store.

After passing the general store, you will climb fireroad for another mile or so, then turn off to the right and drop into the SART.  This photo was taken looking "backwards" at the place where you turn off the fireroad to drop into the SART.

This ride has official "Van Approval".

Trail info: 
-21.5 miles
-Just under 3400 ft elevation gain
-2.5 hours


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