Racers and Chasers Super D - Inland Empire Mountain Biking

Racers and Chasers - September 2009

What a great time! Sunny (my wife) and I headed down to Anza, CA for the Super D race held by Racers and Chasers.

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam


The helmet cam works!

Here's a clip from Return of the Jedi and Lower Jedi with Mike and Van...

Jenson USA Virtual Parking Lot Sale

Don't Miss Out!

One of the famous Southern California vendors, Jenson USA, is having a MEGA online virtual-parking lot sale!

Apparently, they used to host these events at their facilities, but it has just gotten too hectic! So they have moved it online. The super sale starts at approximately 9AM on Friday September 11. Don't miss out!

jenson usa virtual parking lot sale mountain biking

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam

It works! I took the helmet cam out for a trial run down lower Jedi. Next time I'll crank up the quality, but for now, you can see that it works! I just have to find a way to muffle the excessive wind noise...

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam

Look who's got a helmet cam!

Now to see how she works...

Ahhh the power of zip ties! (and a cheap eBay handlebar-camera mount that broke last time I rode the SART.)

Look for some videos to come! Hopefully these won't have the "handlebar shakes" since it will be mounted to my cranium!

UPDATE: Click HERE to check out a helmet cam video!

On another note, I took Anthony up to Jedi for his first mountain bike ride ever!

I'm pretty sure he's hooked!

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