Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Idyllwild

Idyllwild Revisited - August 29 2009

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Thanks to Sam for being my guide on another awesome ride in Idyllwild!

The journey began at just before 6am, when we left Sam's house in Redlands and made our way into Idyllwild to start the trip. By the time we were clipped in on the trail, I think it was about 7:30AM.

Well, 15-20 minutes into the ride, I was coming around a left hand turn and was off to the right just a little bit... I knew I was going to run the handlebars into the side of a bush, but it looked like a pretty wimpy one so I wasn't too worried. Well, the next thing I knew, I was flying over the handlebars, looking back at my bike, and thinking, "that's a weird feeling in my shoulder!" Got up, brushed myself off, nothing obvious broken, and set out again.

Within 1 minute, I heard a slight 'hssssssssssss'... yup, the tire must have caught something on the run-in with the bush! I caught up to Sam (who is used to waiting for me), and within 15 minutes we had the tube patched and were ready to go. The shoulder was a little sore, but nothing broken, so off we went.

The rest of the ride was uneventful as far as carnage (always a good thing!), and Sam had lots of time to polish his patience as I trudged up the climbs in granny gear or in full-walk mode.

All in all, a great ride, but my shoulder is going to need to heal for a week or so at least! I think I tore something, but I thank God that it wasn't worse!

Here's the video from a few of the downhill sections...

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Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Southridge Fontana

This is the site of the famous race and it's a pretty fun ride! Lots of rocks, farily technical, some good downhill too.

Van took me out here for the first time and we had a fun ride!


Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Downhill versus Car

Long live mountain biking! :-)
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