Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Hulda Crooks Park - Loma Linda, CA

Jedi 4-19-09 007 hdr_2

This trail is best known as "Jedi", although there are many variations you can take, ranging from single track, to gap jumps, to fire road. The simplest ride is an out-and-back (up and down Jedi), which is 3-4 miles in length. Watch out for hikers/runners, the occasional dirtbiker, and
(hopefully least frequently) rattlesnakes.

Directions to Hulda Crooks Park:

-"Return of the Jedi" and descent of lower Jedi
-"JackRabbbit", "Snail Trail", and descent of Jedi
-"Time Lapse" Video of the Jedi climb (just so you can get a taste of what the trail is like)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Sycamore Canyon - Riverside, CA

(click 'view larger map' to get directions)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Crafton Hills Loop

This trail starts at Crafton Hills Community College and Heads up to Zanja Peak. At the top, you can either continue down to Yucaipa regional park, or loop back around and come down the same single track/fire road back to the parking lot. If you park at the Crafton Hills parking lot, make sure to pick up a permit for $1 at the automated teller machine (follow the signs).

(Click 'larger size' for directions)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Mentone Loop

Mentone May 16 003 hdr_1

Mostly fireroads with some overgrown-fireroad-turned-into-single track trails. This place is overrun by lizards! Not a lot of shade so if you're out in the summer, it's definitely an early morning or late evening ride (I know from experience!). Not a lot of elevation change(read: this is not a super thrilling downhill singletrack), but it makes for a decent ride to get a break from the "routine" trails!

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Santa Ana River Trail



An epic single track! You can find an awesome write-up here.

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Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Local Trails

Chino Hills State Park - Corona
Crafton Hills Loop - Yucaipa
Hulda Crooks Park - Loma Linda
Idyllwild Shuttle Ride - Idyllwild
Mentone Loop - Mentone
Rim Nordic - Running Springs
Southridge - Fontana
Sycamore Canyon - Riverside
Santa Ana River Trail - Angelus Oaks

8 Mile Jedi Loop

Another 8 mile Jedi loop.

This time with a group! Shawn, Van, Johnny C. and Kelly.

Here's the video of the downhill sections.

"Time-Lapse" Video - I set my point and shoot camera to take pics every 30 seconds, and combined them all into a video.


Rode an 8-mile Jedi loop today: Hulda Crooks parking lot--> Four corners--> Razorback-->Jackrabbit-->Jedi Peak-->Return of the Jedi-->Lower Jedi--> Parking lot

It was a great ride! No snakes, no crashes!

I also was experimenting and found a way to rig my point-and shoot up with my camelbak and got some video!


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