Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Idyllwild

Thanks to Sam for showing me the ropes at Idyllwild! Next time hopefully we will have more time to take pictures...

Here's the ride that Sam took me on...

We rode about 13 miles total. Pretty much all single track, with minimal fireroad climbing! (although I will have to say the climb at the beginning was pretty brutal, well, for me, at least!)

We had some good boulder action as well, but we were trying to finish the ride by noon-ish, so we didn't have time to take many pictures. The downhill was long enough that my hands were beginning to cramp up (thanks to my Tektro stock disc brakes!). I pretty much had to adjust them so they drag in order to get stopping power out of them, which makes for not-fun climbing!

Either way, I will get more pictures next time!

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