Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Big Laguna Trail - San Diego

This ride may not be in the inland empire, but it is absolutely gorgeous! My wife and I had a day off together, so we made the trek down to the Cleveland National Forest to check out the Big Laguna Trail. There are many options to this ride, but we chose to start at the Penny Pines "kiosk", which means we entered at the north side of the Big Laguna trail. The trail is ALL single track, and starts out by winding through the forest. It eventually leads you out into this gorgeous meadow that you see above. We felt like we were in the movie Jurassic Park!

This is a perfect ride to introduce beginners to the "real trails", as it is all single track, the scenery is amazing, but it is not technical, apart from a few rocks here and there throughout. There are many campsites in the area, so I could see this being a great day trip/mountain bike weekend camping escapade. Take your camera on this ride for sure!

Big Laguna Meadow.

A view of the Big Laguna Lake.

View from the opposite side of the lake.

Another lake view.

A view off of Sunrise Hwy - on the way to the trail head.


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