Southridge Downhill Mountain Bike Race - Fontana


Couldn't get there as early as I'd hoped, but was still able to snap a few shots.

Jedi Master Super D Race Report

(click on any of the pictures for enlarged views...)

We had a great turn out for the Jedi Master Super D Event today! The above picture is a shot of the whole crew. We had full suspension, hardtail (including single-speeders) and a women's class all representing!

Racers and Chasers Super D - Inland Empire Mountain Biking

Racers and Chasers - September 2009

What a great time! Sunny (my wife) and I headed down to Anza, CA for the Super D race held by Racers and Chasers.

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam


The helmet cam works!

Here's a clip from Return of the Jedi and Lower Jedi with Mike and Van...

Jenson USA Virtual Parking Lot Sale

Don't Miss Out!

One of the famous Southern California vendors, Jenson USA, is having a MEGA online virtual-parking lot sale!

Apparently, they used to host these events at their facilities, but it has just gotten too hectic! So they have moved it online. The super sale starts at approximately 9AM on Friday September 11. Don't miss out!

jenson usa virtual parking lot sale mountain biking

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam

It works! I took the helmet cam out for a trial run down lower Jedi. Next time I'll crank up the quality, but for now, you can see that it works! I just have to find a way to muffle the excessive wind noise...

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Helmet Cam

Look who's got a helmet cam!

Now to see how she works...

Ahhh the power of zip ties! (and a cheap eBay handlebar-camera mount that broke last time I rode the SART.)

Look for some videos to come! Hopefully these won't have the "handlebar shakes" since it will be mounted to my cranium!

UPDATE: Click HERE to check out a helmet cam video!

On another note, I took Anthony up to Jedi for his first mountain bike ride ever!

I'm pretty sure he's hooked!

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Idyllwild

Idyllwild Revisited - August 29 2009

(Click on the pictures for a larger view)

Thanks to Sam for being my guide on another awesome ride in Idyllwild!

The journey began at just before 6am, when we left Sam's house in Redlands and made our way into Idyllwild to start the trip. By the time we were clipped in on the trail, I think it was about 7:30AM.

Well, 15-20 minutes into the ride, I was coming around a left hand turn and was off to the right just a little bit... I knew I was going to run the handlebars into the side of a bush, but it looked like a pretty wimpy one so I wasn't too worried. Well, the next thing I knew, I was flying over the handlebars, looking back at my bike, and thinking, "that's a weird feeling in my shoulder!" Got up, brushed myself off, nothing obvious broken, and set out again.

Within 1 minute, I heard a slight 'hssssssssssss'... yup, the tire must have caught something on the run-in with the bush! I caught up to Sam (who is used to waiting for me), and within 15 minutes we had the tube patched and were ready to go. The shoulder was a little sore, but nothing broken, so off we went.

The rest of the ride was uneventful as far as carnage (always a good thing!), and Sam had lots of time to polish his patience as I trudged up the climbs in granny gear or in full-walk mode.

All in all, a great ride, but my shoulder is going to need to heal for a week or so at least! I think I tore something, but I thank God that it wasn't worse!

Here's the video from a few of the downhill sections...

inland empire mountain biking mtb idyllwild hurkey creek 24 hour race of adrenaline hours southern california trail map bikes cycle cycling guide

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Southridge Fontana

This is the site of the famous race and it's a pretty fun ride! Lots of rocks, farily technical, some good downhill too.

Van took me out here for the first time and we had a fun ride!


Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Downhill versus Car

Long live mountain biking! :-)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Idyllwild

Thanks to Sam for showing me the ropes at Idyllwild! Next time hopefully we will have more time to take pictures...

Here's the ride that Sam took me on...

We rode about 13 miles total. Pretty much all single track, with minimal fireroad climbing! (although I will have to say the climb at the beginning was pretty brutal, well, for me, at least!)

We had some good boulder action as well, but we were trying to finish the ride by noon-ish, so we didn't have time to take many pictures. The downhill was long enough that my hands were beginning to cramp up (thanks to my Tektro stock disc brakes!). I pretty much had to adjust them so they drag in order to get stopping power out of them, which makes for not-fun climbing!

Either way, I will get more pictures next time!

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Southridge Fontana Downhill Race

Southridge Downhill Race - July 12 2009

This was my first time visiting one of the Southridge events. My friend Van let me know about the race, so I decided to check it out on Sunday morning. I couldn't stay long because I am helping out with a church plant in downtown Riverside called Relevant Church , so I had to split to help setup for that.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun for the short hour and a half that I was there, and I saw some awesome riding! As far as I'm concerned, however, I go by this motto:

"Those who aren't fit for racing..... take pictures of those who are!"

Here are some of the shots from practice on Sunday morning.

If any of these pictures happen to be of you, just let me know if you'd like me to email you a high-res version of the pic. (Or if you'd like me to take down the picture for some reason...)

If you want a print of the picture, that can be arranged too..


More pictures HERE

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Jedi Photoshoot

Van and I set out for a little Jedi photoshoot last night...

Here's a few shots of the tabletop kicker:

Kickin' the Tail

Tabletop Sessioning

A cloned shot of the kicker:


See the rest of the shots on the Flickr Photostream here.

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park is located in Corona, off the 91/71 freeways. This was my first time there, and I decided to enter from the Soquel Canyon entrance.

Apparently, there was a massive fire in November 2008 that really took its toll on the park, so a lot of the trails are still closed. The two different single tracks that we rode seemed like they had not been ridden in ages (either that or I just took trails that everyone knows not to ride!) because they were overgrown with head-high weeds on both sides. Portions of the trail were, to be honest, absolutely ridiculous and I found myself walking the bike through, to avoid the onslaught of weeds to my face!

Overall, it seems like a great place to ride, as it is very well mapped out and there are maps available at the entrance. $4 for day use. Park is open 8AM to SUNSET. They are apparently very strict about this, as our ride went late and we got to the gate after dark. The ranger was there, ready to give me a ticket! After taking my license, he showed us mercy and let us go with only a warning.

Get there early, pay the fee, grab a map for each rider, and have fun. It appears as though most of the single track trails are connected by fire roads.

We rode a very short loop, as it was getting late by the time we got there. Aliso Canyon Trail to Faultline trail to Ranger Ridge trail.

I'll post a few pics and a short view of the weed-fest!

This picture was taken from a break in the weed-ravaged single track named "Faultline Trail". This view is looking south toward Water Canyon.

Another shot from the weeds!

Out of the weeds of the faultline trail, riding down the fire road

Video of the Weed-Fest:

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - SART Revisited

I was feeling the need for some fresh mountain air, so I decided to take a trip up to the infamous SART trail. I rode a 9 mile loop starting from the Angelus Oaks General Store, and ending with the climb up the fire road back to the "parking lot."

Thanks to CHDK, I have some really cool intervalometer functions on my camera. Here's a time-lapse video of the drive up to the SART (the battery actually ran out while I was buying my forest adventure pass).

Here's some video from the SART: WARNING: I cannot be held responsible if this video causes you to develop an irresistable urge to ride the SART! If you develop symptoms of continual distraction from work or inability to think about anything but single track, I advise you head out to the SART ASAP!

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Big Laguna Trail - San Diego

This ride may not be in the inland empire, but it is absolutely gorgeous! My wife and I had a day off together, so we made the trek down to the Cleveland National Forest to check out the Big Laguna Trail. There are many options to this ride, but we chose to start at the Penny Pines "kiosk", which means we entered at the north side of the Big Laguna trail. The trail is ALL single track, and starts out by winding through the forest. It eventually leads you out into this gorgeous meadow that you see above. We felt like we were in the movie Jurassic Park!

This is a perfect ride to introduce beginners to the "real trails", as it is all single track, the scenery is amazing, but it is not technical, apart from a few rocks here and there throughout. There are many campsites in the area, so I could see this being a great day trip/mountain bike weekend camping escapade. Take your camera on this ride for sure!

Big Laguna Meadow.

A view of the Big Laguna Lake.

View from the opposite side of the lake.

Another lake view.

A view off of Sunrise Hwy - on the way to the trail head.


Inland Empire Mountain Biking - 8 Mile Jedi Loop

More videos from Jedi! This time reverse views, shot with the camera pointing toward Kendall, who was following me...


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Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Hulda Crooks Park - Loma Linda, CA

Jedi 4-19-09 007 hdr_2

This trail is best known as "Jedi", although there are many variations you can take, ranging from single track, to gap jumps, to fire road. The simplest ride is an out-and-back (up and down Jedi), which is 3-4 miles in length. Watch out for hikers/runners, the occasional dirtbiker, and
(hopefully least frequently) rattlesnakes.

Directions to Hulda Crooks Park:

-"Return of the Jedi" and descent of lower Jedi
-"JackRabbbit", "Snail Trail", and descent of Jedi
-"Time Lapse" Video of the Jedi climb (just so you can get a taste of what the trail is like)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Sycamore Canyon - Riverside, CA

(click 'view larger map' to get directions)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Crafton Hills Loop

This trail starts at Crafton Hills Community College and Heads up to Zanja Peak. At the top, you can either continue down to Yucaipa regional park, or loop back around and come down the same single track/fire road back to the parking lot. If you park at the Crafton Hills parking lot, make sure to pick up a permit for $1 at the automated teller machine (follow the signs).

(Click 'larger size' for directions)

Inland Empire Mountain Biking - Mentone Loop

Mentone May 16 003 hdr_1

Mostly fireroads with some overgrown-fireroad-turned-into-single track trails. This place is overrun by lizards! Not a lot of shade so if you're out in the summer, it's definitely an early morning or late evening ride (I know from experience!). Not a lot of elevation change(read: this is not a super thrilling downhill singletrack), but it makes for a decent ride to get a break from the "routine" trails!

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