RepairPal Website - "Car Care Confidence"

I came across this service on the internet the other day:

It's a website that you can use to check to see if an auto repair estimate you have been given is fair or not, as well as a LOT of other information about auto repair.

For example, here's what it would look like if you were trying to find information about an oil change:

Oil Change

You can see it lists the background behind engine oil, how often it should be addressed, and the general principles behind changing the oil.

They have broken their system down into regions, as well. Here's the link to their site for the Houston, TX area:

Houston auto repair

Additionally, they have reviews on specific cars.  For example, if you are looking for a new daily driver, you might come across a page like this:

Acura TL

Here's a screen capture:

 You can see the ratings in specific categories, with comments left by other people in the lower part of the page.

They also have an auto repair 'encyclopedia'.  For example, lets say you took your car into a shop because the car was smoking.  They told you it needed to have the headgasket replaced.  Maybe you're not familiar with this, so you go home, head over to and type 'head gasket replacement' into the search bar.  Here's where it will take you:

Brake Job

Have any of you used this website/service? Did you find it useful?

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