Racers and Chasers Super D - Inland Empire Mountain Biking

Racers and Chasers - September 2009

What a great time! Sunny (my wife) and I headed down to Anza, CA for the Super D race held by Racers and Chasers.
Van came out to meet us as well.

I'll keep the post short for now, but Van topped out the podium in the Sport class and I made a 5/10 finish in my first mountain bike race! Van was almost a full 30 seconds ahead of the next competitor, if I remember correctly (which is a hefty lead in a 3 minute race!)

Here's the link to the pictures and a few short videos.

Shout outs go to my wife (support, photography, morale), Van (my mtb mentor!) and Robert Herber and his crew from Racers and Chasers!



These videos are from the bottom sprint, just before the finish line:

Video - Van

Video - Me

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