Jedi Master Super D Race Report

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We had a great turn out for the Jedi Master Super D Event today! The above picture is a shot of the whole crew. We had full suspension, hardtail (including single-speeders) and a women's class all representing!

Well, since I was "racing" (if you want to call it that), I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I'd like, but we were fortunate enough to have two separate on-site photographers! HERE is a link to one of the web albums.

Well, first off, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Van for putting together this great event!

There's a shot of the man himself. He is the real Jedi Master in my book. LOL.

Here's a few shots from the event.

We met in the parking lot 8:30 to beat the heat!

Here's Van putting his Jedi Master Organizational Skills to work.

Crowning the victorious Cy! Check him out here.

Always good when people are still smiling AFTER the race!

The winners!

From left to right:

Van, our Jedi Master and race coordinator. He was not officially in the race pool but is a winner as far as we are concerned!

Cy taking the gold for full suspension;

Jenny topping the podium for women's (not to mention that she beat many of the guys' times!);

Dallas bringing it home for the hardtails.

Overall it was a super-fun Super-D, and we were excited about the turnout. No big crashes that I heard about, and the only equipment failures I know about are Dallas' broken spoke and my own flat tire.

Here is the course we raced, courtesy of Van.

See you guys next time!

Feel free to leave your comments!

--InlandEmpireMTB. "Those who can't ride fast take pictures of those who can..." 
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