Southridge Downhill Mountain Bike Race - Fontana


Couldn't get there as early as I'd hoped, but was still able to snap a few shots.

Van is trying to convince me to get out from behind the lens for the next Southridge event, but I must stay loyal to my motto. "Those who can't ride fast take pictures of those who do." LOL.

We'll see about next time.

Here are a few of the shots.

As usual, click on any of the pictures for the super-sized version...


A little B&W for dramatic effect...

Van's Downhill Steed


The famous water tower at Fontana...

Making the pass...

"The Wall."

It's funny, because I had heard of this thing called 'the wall' at Fontana. I had assumed that it was some crazy rock garden drop or something. Today, I found out that it is a literal wall along side of the last sprint! I had to laugh . . .

Just before the finish...


Here's the link to more pictures from the event.

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