Jam & Coast Super D Challenge, Hulda Crooks, May 9 2010

Van is putting together another Super D at Hulda Crooks!  Here's the write-up he posted over on STR.

It’s that time again! Time for another edition of awesome Hulda Crooks Super D racing. But since this is our first race for 2010, we’re bringing you two races for twice the fun.

Presenting the “Jam & Coast Super D Challenge.”

This event is a grassroots, free of charge, stage race that consists of a traditional Super D race, which will be in a time trial format. A few climbs, but mostly downhill. Good flowy sections, singletrack, fireroads, and if you want…jumps.

However, the second stage, which is new for this year, will be a Chainless race, that will have no climbing, but will be challenging nevertheless. This race will be won by the rider who is the smoothest, most willing to stay off the brakes, and who is the most precise.

The cumulative times from the first and second stage will be combined and the person with lowest overall time will be crowned the Jam & Coast winner!

Like always, we are having the event on public trails so safety is the number one concern. But like always, this event is free, and put on by people who just love to ride. We are grassroots, we have paper plate numbers and we use two stopwatches for timers. But we have tons of fun.

Where: Hulda Crooks Park parking lot
When: May 9, Sunday, meet at parking lot at 8:00 AM
How: Show up to parking lot, the whole group will cruise up together to the top of the course for the traditional Super D. Riders will leave one by one, time trial style in one minute intervals. After everyone has finished stage 1, everyone will cruise together up again to the start of stage 2. At the top of Stage 2, riders will remove their chains. Those without Power Links, chain breakers will be provided. Once again riders leave one by one time trial style. At the end, we will have brand new pins for riders without power links. The times will be tabulated, and the winners will be crowned.
Categories: Open men & Open women, that’s it. Keeping it simple.

Here's the GeoLadders link.

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